Burma-America Trading Company

SKS Enterprises, Inc., specializes in Maw Sit Sit, jade, and colored stones from Burma, particularly rubies, sapphires, and spinels. Virtually all of our material is untreated and natural. All was acquired before the U.S. government imposed sanctions on trade with Burma. 

We have only limited quantities of rough jade suitable for carving or cabbing. But we have large quantities of maw sit sit that can be cabbed or carved, and offer jade cabs that will make beautiful jewelry. Price is determined by color, grade, and weight.

Our maw sit sit rough is excellent for cabbing and beading; price is determined by color, grade, and weight, ranging from .85 to $1.20 per gram. We have rocks up to more than 1 kilogram in weight. Contact us for your specific needs.

Mineral specimens from the Mogok mines include spinel, ruby and sapphire in matrix, sapphire and ruby rough (non-facetable), spinel crystals, kyanite, and more. Mineral specimens from India include cavansite, apophyllite, mesolite, and heulandite.

We have faceted rubies in sizes up to 3 carats and faceted sapphires up to 16 carats. We also carry a variety of other colored stones from Burma, including zircon, danburite, ametrine, and peridot. 
Finally, we offer some one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces, crafted in Burma of 22K gold.

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